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Styx Ring

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The "Styx" ring pays tribute to the legendary river Styx, the principal waterway of the underworld where Charon, the ferryman, transported departed souls to Hades in Greek mythology. This exquisitely crafted ring, adorned with resplendent gold and onyx, embodies the profound beauty that this ancient Greek river signifies. It serves as a poignant symbol of the transition between the realm of the living and the realm of the departed.

The "Styx" ring is a poignant choice for those who have been touched by the weight of grief, serving as a wearable and enduring reminder that our cherished ones persist in the realms of spirit, memory, and heart.


Size: 6
Material: 18k Gold
Care Guide
  • 18k Gold
  • Onyx
  • 925 Sterling Silver Base
  • Prong Setting
Ethical Sourcing

Our Materials

Caesar Archivum's unwavering commitment to the use of premium, ethically sourced materials is deeply rooted in the values and personal experiences of its founder, Tani Caesar. Tani's sensitivity to skin allergies has not only shaped the company's ethos but has also fueled a passionate dedication to ensuring the utmost quality and safety in every aspect of their creations.

The preference for real gold and silver underscores Caesar Archivum's pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship. These precious metals, renowned for their hypoallergenic properties and timeless elegance, are not merely a choice but a testament to the uncompromising standards upheld by the brand.

Caesar Archivum's commitment to ethical materials resonates with a broader concern for sustainability and responsible sourcing. By prioritizing materials that are not only luxurious but also environmentally and socially responsible, Caesar Archivum sets a high bar for ethical practices in the industry.


In today's market, a diverse array of silver varieties is readily accessible. It is imperative to acquaint oneself with the various metals vying for attention in this competitive landscape, enabling the education of customers on both silver quality benchmarks and alternative options within the industry. It is unwise to make the assumption that a product labeled as "silver" equates to sterling silver in jewelry supplies. Below, you will discover elucidations and juxtapositions of the diverse silver alloys employed globally in the creation of jewelry.

Caesar Archivum's Silver

It consists of 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5%. Our alloy comprises copper which is safe for sensitive skin. However other brands may use other metals like nickel, which is not hypoallergenic. These additional metals enhance its durability by increasing hardness and contribute to the beloved color and sheen sought after by consumers. 

Our 925 real sterling silver, is harder than pure fine silver, remains relatively soft compared to certain other metals. Delicate sterling silver chains and pendants can undergo stretching or "drawing" when subjected to tension, and jewelry made from this alloy can incur scratches or dents when subjected to impact. This is due to the purity of silver.

Caesar Archivum's silver is quality stamped with ".925" to show its quality.


Gold used in jewelry doesn't rust, corrode, or tarnish and is quite strong. But it's also a very soft metal which means it is pliable when making jewelry. 

However, pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, so it's mixed with other metals. Some retailers use metals such as tin, zinc, nickel and other cheap metals to harden their gold and silver to make it stronger. At Caesar Archivum we only use our 925 silver and copper, to make it stronger. 

Gold purity is measured in carats. Here are some common ones:

24-karat gold is 100% pure gold. In terms of purity, it contains no other metals or alloys. It's often referred to as "pure gold" because it's in its unalloyed form.
- 75% gold is equal to 18 carats, often marked as 18k, or 18ct.
- 37.5% gold is equal to 9 carats, usually marked as 9k, or 9ct.

The color of gold depends on the mix of metals and which ones are used.

Taking care of your jewelry is similar to caring for other precious metals. The higher the quality, the more care should be taken.

Gold plating in jewelry offers the allure of gold's exquisite appearance while allowing you to avoid the expense of crafting the entire piece from solid gold. Given the high value of gold, creating jewelry entirely from this precious metal is often financially impractical. What makes gold plating truly remarkable is its ability to bestow all the characteristics of gold upon an item without the hefty price tag.

Our Gold

Our gold pieces at Caesar archivum are gold plated. The base of our jewellery is our very high quality silver, this is so that we can ensure that over time if the plating wears down, there will be no harmful metals touching your skin. This is why its important to take good care of your gold Caesar Archivum pieces, especially your 24k gold pieces. 

Our Gold Plating

Gold plating, also known as electroplating, involves adding a layer of gold on top of another metal underneath.

Here's how it works here at Caesar Archivum:

1. Get the Surface Ready: First, the metal (925 Silver) you're plating has to be super clean and shiny. We use polishers to make it spotless. This helps the gold stick to the metal.

2. Clean It Up: After it's super clean, we do another round of cleaning. This makes sure there's no dirt or oils left on the metal. It's like a deep clean for your jewelry.

3. Rinse: We then rinse off any cleaning stuff with water to make sure it's all gone.

4. Add a Thin Layer: Next we put a really thin layer of high-quality silver on the metal. This helps the gold stick better. 

5. Rinse Again: Another rinse to make sure it's all clean.

6. Base Coat: Another layer of silver is put on, this is called the base coat

7. Add the Gold: This is the big moment. They dip the metal into a special bath with gold ions in it. An electrical charge is used to make the gold stick to the metal. The longer they leave it in, the thicker the gold layer becomes. We use a very thick layer on our gold pieces.

8. Rinse Again: Yep, another rinse to clean it off.

9. Dry It: Then we hang up the jewelry to dry, making sure they don't touch each other.

10. Repeat if Needed: Sometimes, we have to do the gold-dipping step again to make it just right. 

That's how they make gold-plated jewelry look so shiny and beautiful!

Our processes & commitment to ethical practises

Here's how we do things at Caesar Archivum, where we apply ethical practices to all our silver, gold, and gem jewelry:

1. Responsible Sourcing: We begin by carefully selecting base metals, gold, and gemstones from ethical sources. We partner with suppliers committed to fair labor practices, environmental responsibility, and support for local mining communities. We have Raw-material traceability identification, on-site material inspections and Quality traceability.

3. Transparency: We believe in transparency for all our materials. We know where our silver, gold, and gemstones come from and the conditions in which they are produced. This transparency helps us maintain ethical standards throughout the jewelry-making process. 

4. Eco-Friendly Techniques: We prefer jewelry-making methods that are eco-friendly for all our materials. Our techniques we use involve no harmful chemicals and generate less waste, making them better for the environment.

5. Quality Assurance: We invest in top-quality jewelry-making techniques for all our materials to ensure our jewelry lasts longer. This reduces the need for frequent re-plating or replacement, which can be wasteful.

6. Certifications: We seek out certifications and endorsements from organizations that promote ethical practices in the jewelry industry for all our materials. These certifications add credibility to our ethical jewelry-making process.

7. Fair Treatment: We ensure that our artisans and workers involved in crafting our jewelry are paid fair wages and operate in safe and ethical working conditions, regardless of the materials used.

8. Customer Awareness: We aim to educate our customers about the ethical aspects of all our jewelry, whether it's made from silver, gold, or gemstones. We believe that being transparent about our sourcing and crafting practices helps consumers make informed choices.

Size: 6
Material: 18k Gold

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